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Fair Play

Club11 adopt a mixture of a process for maintaining its commitment or loyalty we can say of fair play towards its user, the primary measures are our team which is the authority and transparency offered to its users for ensuring the transfer of a fair play among its users. We believe in Transparency, trust, and responsibilities

Transparency, Competitor tracker, Deadline, player’s points.

Each and every user in selecting a Club11 sports which are provided with a similar budget with equal opportunity so users have access to all the database of winners and total players scoreboard. Club11 keeps a safer place for their players so we keep a deadline for each user to ensure the upcoming level of all users. During the match, each player has their fixed player’s points or we can credit also

Trust, Verified users and safe and secure payments.

We work with a trusted and verified user with third-party gateways and also ensure to have legality page on Club11 with all Indian laws. Club11 makes sure to do 3D secure authentication secure payments and also before playing a match we shall collect account details which will be safe with us so at withdrawing their winnings players get their accounts verification.

Responsibility and user protection

Firstly we do not allow cash on Club11 to make secure all players transaction. We respect and value that trust so for user protection information which is never disclosed. We walk with Legal rights so users below 18 years of age can’t play in CLUB 11.


Club11 signifies Fair Play to be a priority at its platform and policy with legalities, while any user violating the fair play terms of Club11 shall be permitted to put up with penalty includes blocking of the user Account.


The community you are referring should all be authentic accounts with financial statement and the user should not use any false statement accounts to expand the “Refer & Earn” cash bonus amount.

The necessary documents like PAN card of all your referred friends should be verified with transparency. In an event or any club activity, the PAN card of more than 9 of your referred friends are not verified the user will be measured as violating the Fair Play Terms of Club11.

Any user who is creating more than one account like multiple account on Club11 will be consider as violating the terms and policy of Club11. User is not allowed or nor encourages any user to create more than one user account on Club11.

User withdrawing any cash by using any unauthorized or prohibited means or annoying to withdraw money by criminal laws which will be considered as Fair play violation at Club11.

In case a user is originate or submitting fake copy rights or copies or drafting any fake documents and registering with Club11, the act will be notify as violating the fair play terms and condition of Club11.

If user is theft by creating and using multiple User ID's with a single account or with a multiple device then the terms and legalities will be considered as violate Fair play and shall extra pull on needed actions.


Terms and condition of Fairplay is a part of importance at Club11, user account will be blocked if he/she may found doing such activities which is violating our terms.

Apart from terms and condition the other entire amount direct by Club11 wallet of the total amount, If the user violates the fair play terms of Club11 will be reduced to zero.

In Club11 if any member is using a single device for creating their multiple id's, user should verify all the mandatory verification formalities which adds on their specific document like email, PAN card & Bank Account details verification by the user-end.