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My Club11 Account

What is Club11?

My Club11 is one of the leading fantasy sports game in India, it gives user a benefit to enable the users to earn real money by using their skill and knowledge for playing online cricket fantasy.

How do I sign up?

The user can firstly go on our website, Start with registration form on the Club11 homepage. Then signup by using Google or Facebook or by contact number.

I don’t know much about cricket- can I still play

The fantasy cricket services offered by Club11 are for each and everyone. Anyone can play at anytime and from anywhere, so yeah why not, offcourse anyone can play cricket even if you don’t know we also provides guidelines for how to play.

User can have multiple accounts on Club11

Not possible, User can have only one account because we have strict policy to keep user safe.

Playing on Club11

How do I play on Club11?

The user can avail the services offered by Club11 and play contest organized on Club11 by simply registering/logging into their account. Below user needs to follow

  • Register by your mail and login
  • Select the match in which you want to join
  • Create your team and selected players
  • Join as an ideal and cash contest.

When does a fantasy game start on Club11?

Fantasy games on Club11 are divided into two classes; we can start with user identification. The games in regular play games with a deadline which is usually prior of beginning of the real match for cricket.

What happens if a single user uses different ids or creates multiple accounts using his/her referral code in order to earn cash bonus?

yes, In an event a user multiple accounts to play on My Team or uses his/her referral code to create.

Score and points

How can I earn points?

On the basis of on-field performance on particular players in the live match

When the score do gets updated

Usually points get updated in every few minutes or in hour, the final points like your total points, ranks and team are calculated and the update in final balance sheet

When user prize distribution announces

The player’s prize distribution announces on the time when winners and distribution of prizes is accomplished only after the point verification.

Which website do you refer to update the points?

Points are usually updated by the information provided by third-party resource which is tie up with third party. In addition points are calculated on the basis of live feed of the match.

What if tie up happens in between two users? How you distribute the prize

Prize distribution is very scalable it’s distributed equally to both tie-up users.

We can cross check the team players points and if can, the how?

Yes, user can check each other’s points by clicking on Fantasy Scorecard link on live page.

Do I get points for a substitute player if replaces any player on-field

YIncase player is replace no points or award for a substitute player.


What type of contest can i join during the match?

The users can join different types of contest which is organized by Club11 such as 2member 4member or 10members contest. User can have their own selection for joining like idle or free or cash contest.

What is the public contest?

Public contest is organized by Club11 which can open and play by any user from anywhere to any device.

What are private contest

The private contest organized by Club11 can share by the user among his/her friends via a unique code. Thus private contest is not visible to everyone. It’s only accessible by the users or contest of Club11.

What are cash contest

The cash contest organize by Club11 are contests wherein the user can participate by advance paying for entree-fee to win real money.

How do I know if a contest has a single winner or more than one winner?

The user can recognize if a contest has a more than one or single winner by clicking on the winners option detail.

What if the contest doesn’t fill up with the required number of participants?

The team player who plays practicing contest doesn’t win anything.

How do I win cash contest?

The user plays the cash contest organized by Club11 win real money according to the rank as per winning prize.

Why do ranks keep fluctuating during a contest?

The ranks keep fluctuating during a contest because the score team on field performance of your chosen players.

Can I join a contest in the middle of the series?

Yes, user can join a contest in a middle of the series in an event that the series is yet not closed. Joining in the middle of the match has equal rights to win the match.

Cash prize

How I get to know if I win the cash prize

In a game a user win a cash prize; the winner amount will be credited directly to the Club11 wallet of the user.

When will the innings be distributed?

With the completing of match Club11 will distributed and announce in within few hours.

Does the amount in my winning account have any expiry date?

Winning amount of the user can use in 365 days or else it can be forfeited by Club11

Account Balance

How do I check my balance of Club11?

By clicking on menu, go on my account for a detailed account balance and most recent transaction. .

How to add money on my Club11 account?

Players or any user can add money by any online transaction like net banking, credit card, PayPal, debit card and other various wallets.

It is safe to pay through your website?

Club11 is verified through our payment gateways and third party that use different security levels that ensure all the safe transaction by our Club11 team.

How do I get through the payment gateway?

We provide you all information and payment process and make sure to have hassle free experience.

How do I get notification of the transaction?

We sent you a mail notification for transaction successful on your registration number or

Does the amount in my unutilized account have any expiry date?

Yes, in 365 days you can utilized your account or it get forfeit.

What is cash Bonus? How can I get it?

When the player joins on very first he/she get first cash bonus by Club11 and other promotional coupons.

Does the sign-up bonus get expiries in my wallet?

Sign up bonus will expired within 14 days


Is verification necessary to join contest on Club11

In order to join contest on Club11, the users are necessary required to verify as a minimum of their email address and contact number. Though, The user will not be eligible for the cash bonus offered by Club11 to its new user. In addition, the user would not be allowable for any withdrawal until and unless his/her account is verified by Club11.

What documents shall required on Club11

My Club11 is a vision sports platform that enables it's users to win real money by using their cricketing skills and knowledge.Club11 involves transaction and transfer funds between your Club11 account and bank account. Thus, in order to make withdrawals from your Club11 account.

Why did my verification fail?

Your account verification with Club11 can fail due to many reason which might include.PAN Card is necessary so possibilities are there you haven't uploaded your identity card. 2)Details of your PAN card is not properly filled up 3)Birth date doesn't match with your provided PAN details. 4)IFSC code is incorrect


How do I withdraw money from my Club11 account

The users are allowed to withdraw cash from My Winnings section of their Club11 wallet, only after they successfully complete the verification process.

Why can't I withdraw the cash Bonus available in My Club11 account.

The cash bonus is an amount provided to you by Club11 under different schemes plus it comes with an expiry date. hence, you cannot withdraw the cash bonus amount in Club11 but you can use the bonus provided as a part of offers to pay 5% of the entry fee to join contests.

What bank account details do I need to provide for withdraw/verification?

In order to effectively complete the withdraw process, the user needs to provide certain requirements as a part of identity verification. The user requirements to endow definite as a part of identification verification. The user needs to provide the following bank account details.

Name of the bank Name of the branch Account Number IFSC Code Name of the account holder


Is the paid version of fantasy Games legal in India.

yes, the paid version of fantasy Games is legal in India as it is considered to be a game of skills which is legal.

Am I allowed to play if I'm under the age of 18?

My Club11 does not allow any individual below the age of 18 to participate or

What is Power play in cricket

Power play is an field restriction used in limited over cricket match for making cricket more interesting. In Club11 there are three power play one for batting side and one for bowling side and third mandatory power play (which means a necessary power play from first over to tenth over) Where in Club11 format there is only one mandatory power play of first over to sixth over.

When do the scores get updated?

Points are probably updated in score team. when the match end, the status automatically changes get changes and directorial after final points including your team total and rank are updated with the confusion, this process may take up 2 hours. In certain cases, it could take longer. After this hours of complementation the match status is declared, the match status will be completed.