Peculiar properties of the Fantasy Kabaddi

Peculiar properties of the Fantasy Kabaddi

Fantasy Kabaddi

We are all very well familiar with the Kabaddi. It is played between two teams each consisting of seven players on the ground. However, very similar to the two ground games, Fantasy Kabaddi is the online version, a skill-based variant of Indian sport. This is a constant team sport and thus calls for quick thinking and action.

How to play fantasy kabaddi

However, with the coming of so many betting apps for Kabaddi, it is very easy to join the Kabaddi fantasy and create your squad from your handset and play on the go. This can be easily possible by just downloading a secure app. 

If you are a new player in this field, then do not worry just download a Fantasy Kabaddi app. They are mainly compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Download and install the mobile app.

Then you must sign up with a Login ID. This Login ID is used every time whenever you want to play fantasy Kabaddi games on your phone.  

Once installed the game, follow these steps to get started with your team:

  • Select the best 7 players for your Fantasy team. Their side allocates credit points.
  • Always try to choose players based on their past performance as it will make your team more powerful.
  • While selecting team members, look out for 1-3 Raiders, 1-2 all Rounders, and 2-4 defenders.     
  • Next, you have to choose a Captain and a Vice Captain for your Fantasy team. You should choose the two best players as Captain and Vice-captain of your team. The captain earns you double the fantasy points when he wins and a Vice-captain will earn you 1.5 times his or her fantasy points. 
  • Not only have one you can build up multiple teams in the game. However, this is also limited up to six. 
  • Finalize the team, which will finally play the tournament beforehand. 

Now you are ready to play fantasy Kabaddi league on your smartphone.

The emergence of the Fantasy Kabaddi league

The Pro Kabaddi league was launched in the year 2014. Many teams from different parts of India join the Pro Kabaddi league. From the start of the Fantasy Kabaddi, Patna Pirates won a maximum number of titles. 

The last match of the Pro Kabaddi league was held in 2019, in which Bengal Warriors won the match. However, the next year there is no announcement of the league. This may be due to the outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19. However, just stay prepared for the announcement so that you can invest your time skill and money in fantasy Kabaddi.  

What are the advantages of playing online Fantasy Kabaddi league?

The joy of playing online games is beyond any explanation. The concept of an online Fantasy Kabaddi league helps their fans to establish a constant bond with the games. They can understand the game more closely. They can earn real cash based on their skills and knowledge about sports.

You can update your knowledge by playing daily and stop wasting time in useless debates. Sometimes some apps also feature you on their app or their social media handle if you are the ultimate winner of the tournaments.